The plan all along?

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Now that Clearwire’s board has urged its shareholders to reject the Sprint bid, and Sprint has initiated litigation to try and block DISH’s tender offer, it seems Charlie Ergen has a good chance of achieving his objective: to ensure Sprint is unable to make use of Clearwire’s spectrum and enhance its network capacity as SoftBank desires. DISH has indicated that it will now focus on its Clearwire tender instead of making a further bid for Sprint in advance of today’s deadline.

While that doesn’t rule out DISH making another higher but unfinanced offer to disrupt the Sprint-SoftBank vote next week, it seems Ergen might be better off having SoftBank complete a takeover of Sprint and then discover that its $21.6B investment will go to waste unless Sprint agrees to sell DISH the 40MHz of Clearwire’s spectrum that Ergen wants.

So I’m left wondering if DISH’s actions have all been part of a grand plan:
a) keep making offers that persuaded Clearwire shareholders (and ultimately the Clearwire board) to reject the Sprint takeover
b) make an uncommitted bid for Sprint to persuade SoftBank to overpay for Sprint
c) make noises about LightSquared’s spectrum to persuade Sprint to raise its bid for Clearwire by less than expected
d) come in with a much better offer for Clearwire shares at the last minute, which was high enough to ensure that the Sprint bid for Clearwire will be rejected
e) hedge the bid with just enough conditions that will ensure that Sprint is unable to make use of Clearwire’s spectrum and that Clearwire, DISH and Sprint are tied up in litigation for months to come.

Given that sequence of events, its reasonable to ask if SoftBank really wants to own Sprint without the Clearwire spectrum? If not, then will SoftBank have any option other than to ultimately do a deal with Ergen on his terms? If you think that’s unlikely, then you only need look back to the Cablevision-DISH trial over Voom last fall, where DISH had a terrible position in the courtroom, but still managed to get to a settlement which achieved Ergen’s objectives (including a purchase of the MVDDS spectrum which will be part of DISH’s planned wireless broadband network).

After all, remember that DISH still has a number of options to make SoftBank’s life even more miserable, including mounting a rival bid for the PCS H-block spectrum which Sprint desperately needs to enhance the capacity of its existing LTE network.

So maybe the question is now when not if SoftBank will be forced to settle with DISH? As Vijay Jayant told The Hollywood Reporter in April “Charlie’s attitude is, ‘At some point, they’ll negotiate with me on my terms.’ He’s bluffing until he’s not.”

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  1. the keyboard of geoff goodfellow said,

    June 23, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    The Seinfeld Plan Moment we’ve all been waiting for?

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