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As I noted in an earlier post, it was quite surprising to read LightSquared’s assertions in court last Monday October 1 that:

“We’ve made substantial progress on our regulatory issues…Short of a few sections of the country, dead zones we will attempt to resolve through other means, this would give us 4G LTE coverage throughout the country. It’s not the proverbial home run everyone said we’d hold out for, but it is a significant terrestrial network.”

As far as I know, no-one has pointed out that these “few sections of the country” where LightSquared would have problems using the 1675-80MHz band it has asked to share, actually include 69 fixed radiosonde launch stations in the lower 48 states (plus additional mobile launch sites when severe weather conditions such as hurricanes are anticipated), from which the weather balloons can drift 180 miles or more, depending on which way the wind is blowing. A quick look at a map of these locations shows a near uniform distribution of sites around the country and that a 180 mile exclusion zone around each station would make it impossible to provide service almost everywhere in the US.

Of course in the past LightSquared demonstrated its skill at predicting and even controlling which way the political winds were blowing. So maybe they now intend to see if that capability extends to real life weather as well?

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