Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

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Stifel Nicolaus’s note on DISH is getting a lot of attention in the press today, with DISH shares sharply higher on the news. Of course, if you’d read this blog, you would have seen all the salient points of their note in my post last week, including:

- how the “windfall” issue could be avoided “through an agreement to reimburse the government if the adjacent AWS spectrum sells for a higher price in a subsequent auction”
- why the FCC would “want to address both deals simultaneously…to extract matching commitments for…the wholesale access conditions needed to ensure that other wireless operators such as T-Mobile remain viable”
- why AT&T “needs to find additional clean paired spectrum for Carrier Aggregation with the 700MHz unpaired downlink…outside the 700MHz band”
- and why AT&T “will have to buy the whole company, not just the spectrum”.

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