Will it be Merry Christmas, Mr Ergen?

Posted in Regulatory, Spectrum at 6:29 pm by timfarrar

It seems like a lot of readers agree with my sentiments that an AT&T takeover of DISH is inevitable, and the only question is timing. In that context, this week’s ex parte filing by DISH is particularly intriguing, not just for the multiplicity of lawyers present, but for the omission of DISH’s recent refrain that “any so-called ‘windfall’ concerns raised in the record are entirely unfounded”.

That implies to me that a deal on the waiver conditions was likely negotiated and agreed at this meeting, potentially setting the scene for an announcement by the FCC at the end of next week. That would give Mr. Ergen a much more welcome holiday card than Mr. Falcone, and keep AT&T even busier over the holidays.

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