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Wall Street analysts always seem to have a difficult time understanding the MSS industry. Who can forget the forecasts from the late 1990s that the MSS industry would generate tens of billions of dollars in annual revenues within a few years?

Now we see equally wild guesses about the TerreStar bankruptcy and what might happen to those assets. Jonathan Chaplin of Credit Suisse suggested that there could be a grand bargain between LightSquared, TerreStar and DBSD to pool their spectrum for wireless broadband. Unfortunately this prospect appears to have been comprehensively shot down by Harbinger’s apparent attempt to disrupt the TerreStar Restructuring Support Agreement by buying TerreStar’s Exchangeable Notes.

Next up was Jason Bazinet from Citigroup, with speculation that Echostar was intending to build a satellite-based mobile video network using TerreStar and/or DBSD’s assets. However, this bizarre analysis completely misunderstands the limitations of satellite services: you can build a satellite-based broadcast network using a limited number of repeaters (just like Sirius XM has done), but then its only useful in cars, not for serving the tablet market that Bazinet assumes would be the target market for the service (unless you like standing around outside in a field to watch the video programming). And of course the in-car market for subscription-based video is a small fraction of the market for satellite radio (while Qualcomm’s MediaFLO business has been little short of a disaster), because solo commuters can’t exactly spend their time watching TV whilst driving down the freeway.

So we’re left with the question – can anyone come up with a better analysis of what’s going to happen to these assets, or will we just have to wait for more to be revealed at the end of this week?

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