Globalstar – saved by the exchange rate?

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Globalstar faces its next quarterly milestone payment to the satellite construction escrow account with Thales Alenia Space at the end of September. The company has admitted that sooner or later it will need to raise more money to complete its second generation satellite constellation – it has previously indicated that $250M+ will be needed, though some of this could be offset by cashflows from operations if the SPOT product really takes off. However, in the short term, as we’ve noted previously, SPOT isn’t producing cash. Excluding the money already in the escrow account, Globalstar had available liquidity of $75M at the end of June and expected payments to Thales Alenia of EUR146M over the 12 months to June 2009. The Euro/dollar exchange rate has fallen by about 10% since then, cutting the value of this EUR146M to only $208M in dollar terms, compared to $231M at the end of June. As a result the payment which Globalstar has to make into the escrow account at the end of September may be closer to $50M than the $60M+ it could have been if the exchange rate had remained constant. The original sum would have come close to using up Globalstar’s remaining liquidity, but now it looks like Globalstar may have another 3 months to raise additional funds.

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