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As scrutiny of the LightSquared and Harbinger situation intensifies, it seems to me that there are more and more questions to be answered. Firstly, will the FCC concede to Sen. Grassley’s request for its communications with LightSquared, to overcome the hold he has placed on the two nominees for vacant Commissioner slots? This certainly seems to be very likely (especially as LightSquared and Harbinger have apparently agreed to produce their communications with the FCC, which I doubt they would have done if they did not believe the FCC would produce these documents anyway). If that is the case, could last night’s unexpected resignation of Chairman Genachowski’s Chief of Staff, Ed Lazarus, have anything to do with what these emails might contain?

A second question relates to what role Jared (Jerry) Abbruzzese, who featured as a witness in the corruption trial of Senator Joseph Bruno back in 2009, has been playing at LightSquared/Harbinger? Bruno (a Republican state senator in New York) was paid consulting fees by Motient, the predecessor of TerreStar, and one time parent company of MSV, which ultimately became LightSquared. The New York Times mentioned Abbruzzese in a 2007 article on President Obama’s 2005 investment in SkyTerra, and a host of allegations related to Abbruzzese’s involvement in Motient/TerreStar and connected companies were made by Highland Capital in 2006. iWatchNews reported in July that “Abbruzzese eventually left the [TerreStar] satellite group”. However, in the White House FOIA email production from November, Abbruzzese turns up being copied on an internal LightSquared email to senior executives and legal counsel in August 2011.

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  1. krbarker said,

    December 15, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    Very curious indeed! It’s funny how so many are having trouble accepting the fact that regardless of the regulations, GPS is just too critical to be impacted in any way. The technical facts have been known for months if not years. These political elements may send everyone running for cover leaving LS as Bankruptcy carrion – again! I’m getting some indications that things are really starting to close in around LS. I guess there are just too many voters with GPS receivers!

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