SPOT proves to be a pretty useful product

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I went camping with my seven year old twins in the Desolation Wilderness near Lake Tahoe over Labor Day weekend and took my SPOT satellite tracker with me as a test. It proved pretty useful for my wife to keep an eye on our progress and I certainly felt reassured to know that we could summon help in an emergency. While it might not attract millions of users, there certainly seems to be a good niche for the product both in the outdoor market and also for keeping track of (for example) your elderly parents when they go on a long drive. I even know a colleague who uses it to keep track of where her teenage son is going in the car – I wonder how long it will take him to realize how she knows he’s not where he said he was going to be.
I wonder when we’ll see the first two way version of this device – either from Globalstar or its competitors – since it would be great to have at least an acknowledgement that your message had been delivered.
Desolation Wilderness SPOT track

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