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Shutdown of Connexion-by-Boeing service highlights pitfalls of
in-flight passenger communications businesses
MENLO PARK, Calif., Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Telecom, Media and
Finance Associates, Inc. (TMF Associates), the specialist Mobile Satellite
Services consulting firm, today forecast that the market opportunity for
in-flight communications will be much smaller than many analysts and
consultants have been projecting.

TMF Associates forecast in a
research note published in June 2006 that the
Connexion service would ultimately be shut down and that backers of other
systems would need to re-evaluate whether their business projections are
simply too optimistic. However, other consulting firms have continued to
project that a multi-billion dollar market will be realized for in-flight
passenger communications over the next five years.

Tim Farrar, author of the note, commented "It is all too easy to blame the
failure of Connexion-by-Boeing on its high costs and large terminal
equipment. However, set in the context of the expenditure by business
travelers on other communications services, projections that in-flight
communications can become a multi-billion dollar market over the next few
years are completely unrealistic. For example in July 2006 Booz Allen
forecast a EUR 2 billion market for in-flight cellphone use in Europe alone
by 2010. This compares to a total pan-European cellular roaming market
of EUR 8 billion in 2005, when by our estimate business travelers are on
an airplane for at most 3% of their trip. While the in-flight communications
market opportunity within the US remains significant, and may grow to
around $300M in annual revenues over the next ten years, the opportunity
on both long-haul and intra-European flights is far smaller. Inmarsat-based
services will provide an appropriate solution for cellphone-based
connectivity, but given the modest size of the overall market it is hard to
see affordable in-flight Internet services for laptop users being widely
deployed outside North America."

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Both the briefing note and the market projections for in-flight
communications form part of TMF Associates' newly launched
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