ATC, Satellite Radio and Other Hybrid MSS Networks:
Business Cases and Spectrum Valuations
A report from TMF Associates, published Oct 2007
Complete 15 year subscriber, revenue, EBITDA and
cashflow forecasts, plus spectrum valuations for all of the
leading current and proposed hybrid MSS systems
Details of MSS spectrum allocations and regulatory processes
in North America, Europe and Asia
Detailed analysis of the potential incremental MSS revenue
opportunity for North American ATC players
Read our March 2005 article about
ATC and its impact on MSS company valuations
View our September 2005 presentation from a
Federal Communications Bar Association (
panel on
Market and technical issues for ATC
View our June 2006 presentation from the ISCe panel
we moderated on
Building the Complete Wireless
Portfolio - What is the Role for MSS?
A completely updated, comprehensive assessment of Ancillary
Terrestrial Component (ATC) technology and its use in both
broadcast and interactive applications
"I really enjoyed reading
your comprehensive and
well-written report on
ATC" - Jay Monroe,
CEO, Globalstar Inc.
"A sobering read for MSS
investors" - Space News
View our January 2007 presentation from PTC on the
role of satellites in mobile TV networks
Read our January 2007 article about
ATC spectrum considerations for Globalstar
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Comments on our bestselling
2006 ATC report, purchased by
all the leading MSS operators
and satellite investment banks
XM and Sirius in North America
satellite radio
mobile TV (S-DMB and DVB-SH)
two-way ATC (W-CDMA, GMR, WiMAX)
WorldSpace in India and Europe
TU Media in South Korea
CMBSat in China
Solaris (SES-Eutelsat), TerreStar and Inmarsat in Europe
ICO, MSV and TerreStar in North America
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